Monday, January 16, 2012

This Lousy Winter

I have given up on skiing. At least as far as this race season goes. There simply isn't enough (any) snow and even if we got snow tonight I still wouldn't have time to get in shape for it. It looks like I'm biking at Arrowhead. I'm lucky that it's a bike, run, and ski event. Besides, the Pugsley needs to get out and stretch.

It wasn't really this warm. It only got up to 50f or so, but in the sun my thermometer was reading up to 65f.

Someone out there was more desperate than I was. I thought about riding on the river, but gave it up as a bad idea.

I stopped to cook some lunch on my camp stove. I needed to remind myself how to use it. It also served as a reminder that I need to tour more and enjoy myself rather than treat every ride as a race.

I would say that riding fat tires opens up new places to ride, but I've ridden here before.