Monday, June 24, 2013

Gravel Dude Updates

Sorry for the wait folks.  Really most of the info is already out there, but here's a little bit for those who want to know:

  • Yes, you can join me for just one section.  Swim begins (as previously noted) at 7:00am, bike at between 8:30 and 9.  Run between 5 and 7pm.  And finish between 10 and Midnight.  No, I can't be more specific and maybe we'll be slower.  Who knows?
  • What should I bring?  How about a hydration bladder (2L is good) and a headlamp for the run?  Be prepared for 60 miles of gravel biking between convenience stores and 13.1 miles of trail running between convenience stores.  There will be no convenience stores on the swim route.  
  •  Wetsuit?  I won't be using one and you probably won't need one.  I don't know the lake temp and I won't be taking a thermometer out to check.  Generally the lake is warm on top and then has a pretty severe thermoclime at about 4'.  If you're going to be doing any diving it will get cold.  
  • Course?  Still working on writing everything up, but the bike ride will be hilly.  Planning on stopping for food in Gilbert and Stratford.  Run will have a convenience store at Story City and has some potentially confusing turns.  
  • The lake isn't big enough to do the swim all in one go.  We'll be doing eight lengths of the lake.  It's a big lap swim, sorry.  
  • NO Lifeguards and my certificate lapsed 17 years ago.  Don't drown.  
Don't take this even too seriously.  It will be extremely low-key and low-stress.  It is meant to be fun and a test of your endurance.  There will be no tattoos and it won't change your life.  When you tell your friends that you did this they won't care.  If you're doing this for any other reason than that you just want to then don't do it.

You have been warned.