Sunday, July 09, 2006

Crosscheck Challenge

Here's tomorrow's route for all of you following from home. Lots of hills, mostly gravel. Start at 1:00pm, my house. End at Stomping Grounds sometime before dark. What else you want?


the recyclist said...

Sorry I missed out on the ride. I was so torn. Just ask Jess, I was pacing around like a caged animal sputtering to myself all morning, weighing and re-weighing the pros and cons. One consolation: it was a great game.

Besides, you guys are doing the Snob, so there'll be more long rides.

How was the heat/humidity...killer?

Matt Maxwell said...

I heard it was a great game. Good ride too. The heat took it's toll though. We only did about half the route before bailing out back to Boone. I'll post a more comprehensive report tomorrow.

Paul said...

I wish I could have made it. Family has become the priority.

the recyclist said...

Bring those aero bars to work with you tomorrow and I'll swap you. DOT Paul V. said it was cool that you used them. They're Easton Aluminum with rubber mtb grips, pretty nice.