Thursday, December 28, 2006

6 Interesting Things

I've been tagged by both Cory and Paul. Does this mean I should list twelve things? Or just six really good ones? Here are five I can think of right now.

1. I am red-green color blind.

2. My first bike race was a 24 hour race (First Annual Iowa 24hr at Boone. I took 3rd place and won $50. Kerkove beat me by 10 laps for first).

3. I do not own a telephone. People can either call me at work or knock on my door.

4. I have never flown commercially, but have flown on private planes 4 times.

5. I have never owned a car, but I did total my boss' car last winter on the way to a race.


Simmons said...

Try not to rear-end anyone on the trip up north this year :) Are you ready?

Matt Maxwell said...

If there's snow I'm ready. If not...I'll have to rethink things. Cross bike?

Simmons said...

Any pre-race stuff to blog about Matt? Do you need a room to crash in this year? Update, update :)

Simmons said...

race report, race report. Did you make it home okay?

Anonymous said...
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