Monday, August 23, 2010

Adventure #5(?)

I'm beginning to think that the purpose of this blog is to show myself how little training I really do. I know that I can go out and ride a gravel century or run a marathon any time I like, but I also know that if I don't do it regularly it will hurt a lot more. I am not fast, but maybe I could be if I trained right. Last years success at the Arrowhead convinced me that I can stick to something like a training regimen and that it really does help. This year I'm hoping to run it, something I have even less experience with than skiing, and it will require that I actually train rather than just talk about it.

In spite of all this negativity I did get out and ride last weekend. I took a couple of the guys from the shop out to Fraser and over to Ogden where we stopped at a Casey's for some food and drink. Oddly, it was breakfast for all three of us (that's normal for me, but most folks are smarter than that). We hit a few good hills and managed 74 miles on a tough hot and humid day.

On the way back we took the Wagon Wheel bridge across the DesMoines river. I hadn't been that way in a long time (since before they built the new railroad bridge) and I wasn't sure that it would be open. Well, it wasn't, but we could cross anyway. We hopped the barriers and stepped over a few missing boards, but the bridge was largely passable. I expect it will undergo a long decline and in about ten years will be torn down. Until then I plan to ride it.


Travel Gravel said...

Matt, right now there is a squabble about the bridge. Do we want to pay $6M to tear it down and build an ugly cement bridge, or pay about 800G and close the road, save/rebuild the bridge, and be done. Hmm... Still good riding down there, did you stop at the well in Fraser?

Matt Maxwell said...

You know, I have still never stopped by the well in Fraser. There have been times I really could have used it, but forgot.

As for the bridge: Selfishly, I'd like to see it saved because it's scenic and low traffic, but since there are good roads both north and south of it it probably makes more sense from the county engineer's perspective to tear it down and leave it closed.