Monday, September 05, 2011

Rationalizing 100 miles.

The Sawtooth 100 is next weekend and I'm in. It'll be my first 100 mile run/walk and I'm a little bit nervous about it. Sure, I did the Arrowhead 135 on foot but that's a different animal. Regardless that's what I'm comparing it to. Here's how I'm rationalizing the race to myself:

The cutoff for the Sawtooth is 38 hours so to finish I'll have to average at least 2.6 mph.

Compare to my pace at this years Arrowhead:

Keep in mind that the AHU is cold, you're walking on snow, and carrying/dragging 15+ lbs of gear and food. Sawtooth could be cold, but not that cold, the surface should be good if rough at times, and you can carry minimal gear. Superior is likely to be hillier, but I'll deal. The last 20 miles of the AHU I was nearly dragging my left leg and moving very slowly.

Actually, I made it to Crescent at mile 110 in 40 hours:

I don't think I'll have any serious trouble finishing Sawtooth.

Finishing fast is another story. My goal is to finish in 32 hours. I think that's a reasonable pace and compares pretty well to previous finishers who run about my pace.

No use worrying about it now. It's time to just go out and do it.

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Matt Maxwell said...

New goal. Pass someone who is doing the marathon.