Friday, March 09, 2012

Finland is awesome and you should go there.

I arrived back in town Thursday night after having spent a week and a half in Finland skiing and otherwise lazing about. It was great and, as my co-workers know well, I can't seem to stop talking about it. I haven't managed to collect my thoughts on it all, much less write them down, but I think I have come up with a sort of outline I want to follow to tell you about my trip. I plan on doing several separate blog posts each with a distinct theme. Here they are:

-Kaukopartiohiihto: that'd be the competition (it isn't really a race) that I participated in. Including Finnish Army skis, potato soup, being lost in a swamp, and some info that relates more or less directly to my earlier blog post about off-track skiing.

-Finnish Culture: including, but not limited to; language, saunas, salmiakki, tiny apartments, and crossing the street.

-Lahti Ski Games and how double polling is awesome: some talk about skiing with professional athletes, ski-jumping, spectating at a world cup event, and how bad I am at skiing.

Travel: Getting there by plane, train, automobile, and bus. Plus, why flying is still fun for me.

My plan is to get the first post on Kaukopartiohiihto up on Sunday evening. I'm telling you so that I have to do it.

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