Sunday, July 24, 2016

One Down

About two months ago now I stopped using Facebook. Maybe you noticed. Maybe you didn't. I had a lot of reasons—lack of productivity, a hatred of everything and everyone, depression about the state of the world, a fear of telling you what I really think. Others have listed other reasons in other places—an inability to keep up with the Jonses, addiction, decreased attention span. I don't know if those things have affected me. Maybe.  Probably.

Two months in I have no plans of going back. I don't miss it. I am less connected. I am less in touch. Perhaps I've even got my head stuck in the sand. Probably so. Especially now. But as someone once said, I don't care anymore.  

PS.  I still get personal messages.  You can contact me.


Anne Flueckiger said...

Hi Matt! I hope you are doing OK and not depressed. Or not super depressed. Hope to see you again in these parts one of these days. Hang in there eh.

Matt Maxwell said...

Thank you Anne. I'm not depressed...okay, well, at least not super depressed. I do intend to make it back up to the "other" North Shore one of these days. I do love it up there. Hanging in there.


Enigma said...


I left Facebook permanently on July 15, 2016. Since then my productivity has increased markedly and Clar says I am much nicer to be around.

Anyway I am riding again although if a ride occurs and one does not post it on Strava did it really occur?

Here's my e-mail. Send me your when you have time.