Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The elves have been lazy.

Not much time. I'm at work so here it goes.

I have a new (old) bike. An old Schwinn that I'm turning into a Grant Peterson bike. Cotton bar tape and eventually a Brooks saddle. Looks nice.

50 mile ride with Cory last weekend. Lots of nice B roads. The pictures don't do it justice.

Thinking about putting on a 15o+ mile ride in October. You'll probably need lights.

24 hour race in Boone this weekend. I signed up. Now I've got to do it. How to get motivated?

Books I've been reading:
Harlan Ellison, various short stories. More to say on this later.
F. Paul Wilson, The Keep. Dracula vs. the Nazis. What more can I say.
Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang. A nice fantasy.


Paul said...

Cool. I will start training for your ride! So, what course are you thinking for a course?

Simmons said...

Good luck this weekend Matt!

Squirrel said...

Hey you coming up Sat. morning or Friday night??


the recyclist said...

He has returned!

Paul said...

So, what course are you thinking for a course? Doh! Sorry. My English teachers would not be impressed!


the recyclist said...

I know he mentioned the Dragoon Trail (think Y camp hill) and working some routes from around Ledges State Park, so in kind with Matt's idea of fun it will be challenging (read here "hurt")...don't mean to speak on his behalf, but I know he isn't in regular contact with Internet access.

Paul said...


I would love to create a route from Ames to Ledges up to Brushy Creek near Webster City and back. That has to be 150-200.

Hmmm.... I better get my a$$ out there!

Matt Maxwell said...

I'm looking at starting at Ledges, going south to Madrid and taking the old rail route through Slater, Huxley and cambridge to Maxwell, then up to a couple of B roads around Colo, north to Story City, South on the Greenbelt, through Gilbert then up through Mackey to Stratford and back down the Dragoon trail to Ledges. Or something like that.

I'll be heading over to Seven Oaks Saturday morning. I want a good night's sleep tonight.

Paul said...

How about the 2nd Sat. in Oct?

Paul said...

Holy Crap Matt! How did you do on Saturday... and Sunday!


Paul said...


Are you considering the Arrowhead 135 again?