Sunday, August 13, 2006


I've had a busy couple of weeks. Nine Mile, visiting family in Michigan, and moving have all kept me from blogging as I ought. Where to start?

Moving has been an experience. I'm moving most of my stuff by bike and since I don't have to be out of my old place right away I'm taking my time. So far I've moved most of my clothes and about half of my books. I'm trying to get organized and get rid of excess stuff at the same time. We'll see how that goes

The new place will not have a TV, internet, or a telephone (my choice) so I'll be more out of touch than ever. I hope to continue my blogging at work and at the library, but since most of my thinking is done at night I'm not sure how that'll work out. I might find myself a computer to use as a glorified typewriter and write out entries at night and then upload them the next morning at work.

Since my roommate and I agree on sparing use of A/C and he has even later nights than I, it seems as though I'm back in the dorms. The humidity, late nights alone, lack of worries about waking anyone up, and the insular environment are similar to those times I spent pacing back and forth sporadically listening to music, thinking, and reading in my college days. I kind of like it and I feel as though I could sink back into that sort of vague existential mood I embraced back then. I think that might be a mistake though. I should really be getting out and doing things, becoming more active, rather than staring at walls for hours on end. I'm older than I used to be and don't feel like wasting my life all over again.

Please excuse any misspellings. The spellchecker is down.


the recyclist said...

It saddenz me two think that you may blog less. However, new things may spur from new environ...don't digress.

You want to hook up for an afternoon ride? Need to get a few miles in this week to make shure the leggs are still up for Guitar Ted this weekend.

Typos so you don;t have to feel alone.

Paul said...

Matt- I need to stop in to get your new address!

No biking for me!

the recyclist said...
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the recyclist said...

BTW, keep in the back of your mind Matt: a three week trip to Oregon next summer around the 20th of July, with camping at National parks on the way and stops at Maah Daah Hey and where ever else we can come up with. Maybe we could line up something with Simmons to meet us at the trail for a couple of days of riding and camping.

And a two week frame building course at UBI (approx$2500)? You interested.

I think I mentioned this all to you before, sometime, but here it is again.

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