Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back on the blogger wagon

I've been breaking my resolution, such as it is, this week. Now it's time to catch up with the blog and see about some bike riding. First the news:

An 18 hour LAN party/bachelor party last weekend kept me off the streets. I haven't done anything like that in years. Endurance computer gaming is tougher than endurance biking for me. Good to see old friends though. Civ 4 is a pretty okay game, but I'm a little sick of it.

Work is as crazy as ever. A guy came in today with a "Winnipeg Centennial 1874-1974" sticker on his old Sekine. He was trying to peel it off. I thought it was a shame to waste such a nifty sticker myself.

It looks like I'll be doing a 120+ mile gravel ride this weekend. I'm biking to Cedar Rapids on Saturday and then hopefully getting a ride back by Monday morning. Tomorrow I'll have to photocopy some maps so I don't get too lost.

Speaking of long rides, Guitar Ted's endurance ride later this summer sounds like fun. I won't be able to make it though as I'll be in Michigan that weekend. I like the idea of more semi-organized rides popping up in the area. Perhaps I'll have to do my own someday. Perhaps Paul could do his Stratford century ride or something.

Joe Partridge also made some good points about travel time vs. event time. His rule, as stated on G-Ted's website is:
Sounds like fun, but I have a new rule: I won't drive to ride unless the total ride time is greater than the total drive time. That means TI is in (26hr drive, 27+ hour ride) but DK (26hr drive, 16hr bike) is out. The GTEF (Guitar Ted Endro Fest) is also out.
I made a similar rule for myself after an ill-concieved kayak trip to North Carolina and Georgia. I don't think that my rule is quite so strict as Joe's though. Fun/experience time is also counted into my equation. Thus for me DK was: 10hr drive <>


the recyclist said...

Someone ought to put on a ride through the Loess Hills. I've driven there a few times for work...some really nifty back roads: "Loess Hills 100".

I agree about the Paul Cent. to Stratford. I'd like to do it again myself.

Paul said...

I have been checking out the maps. We could do a Dolliver State Park ride down through Ledges and back. That would be a good 150 I would think. Can you imagine the hills? Yikes!

the recyclist said...

I actually GPS'd the route I rode the other day. Not accurate because the trees going into and coming out of the valley messed with Sat. viewing, but the climb east out of Pilot mound, was something around 250feet in less than a mile, 1/2-3/4. I'd like to see what the ride to Statford would end up in total ascent, because I know some of those are just as high and shorter...yum.

The route was nearer 70 miles with around 1700 feet of climbing, but the biggest chunk was the 3 Valley climbs.

the recyclist said...

Anyone for a ride this coming weekend? I'm game anytime after Saturday morning...getting cable for a couple months for World Cup and what may be an up in the air Tour, but most likely Basso. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Gravel, road or Seven Oaks...maybe a run up and down the GreenBelt?

Paul said...

I am out as I am going to northern Minnesota for a week. Sorry.

Matt Maxwell said...

Any or all of those rides sound great to me. I should actually have some time to ride this weekend. I didn't manage to do that 120 miler last weekend, much to my chagrin.