Monday, June 12, 2006

I'll never qualify for RAAM at this rate.

Guitar Ted's ride has been moved to the 19th of August. I just might be able to attend. I think I'll try to get Friday beforehand off from work and ride up, then ride back on sunday. Lets see, that'd be 100 miles on Friday, 150 on Saturday then another 100 on Sunday. 350 miles in about 60 hours with sleep. Do-able, but tough. I think I'll give it a shot.

Perhaps I shouldn't be so cavalier about it. I didn't manage to do the 120 miler that I was planning on for last Saturday. Lots of little things came up that, when taken together, prevented me from riding. I needed the rest, but on the other hand I need to ride too. I haven't ridden since Memorial Day, two weeks ago, and that was just a 40 mile road ride. Nothing to brag about.

Over the weekend though I got a good look at some gravel roads in the NE part of the state. There were some pretty nice hills and great views up there. I was hoping that G-Ted's ride would head out that way, but it doesn't look like that'll be the case. I'll have to make it a bike destination someday.

Tomorrow I start my Rocket 88 only training. I'll be riding the Rocket to and from work and on every other ride I do until 9-Mile. I need to get used to the way the bike handles and figure out if anything needs to be changed before the race. I'm thinking about some SRAM X-7 and one of those funky Titec Jones bar ripoffs.


the recyclist said...

How about a 50+ mile gravel ride Sunday morning, with maybe a leg through the Greenbelt? So you can keep on your Rocket. And not early 9-10ish...need coffee time.

I plan on trying to get more than that this weekend...perhaps a road ride Saturday afternoon as well. Let me know if you're game for either.

Matt Maxwell said...

Sounds good. I think I'll try the rocket for some road miles too, but I don't think I could keep up with you on your roadie. If I do that I'll probably take the Crosscheck.