Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Races anyone?

I took Cory's lead and signed up for Iowa Games today. I'm planning on riding to each event and doing every event on the same bike. Gotta have a gimmick.

I was planning on riding at Seven Oaks this weekend, but as Paul pointed out there's a race there on Sunday. Well, I wasn't really planning on racing this weekend, but I might just do it. There's free camping the night before so I think I might ride out on Saturday, do a couple of practice laps and work on my skills, then camp out and do the race in the morning. It'd be a pretty good weekend adventure and perhaps I need one of those. In some ways I hate XC racing, mostly because I'm not any good at it, but it can be a powerful motivator for improvement. Even if I decide not to race I could ride out, camp, and watch the race. That wouldn't be so bad. I'd get all the riding and wouldn't have to compete or spend too much money. Besides, I need to try out my ultra-lightweight camping setup.

Oh, and the IORCA website says that Seven Oaks is 7 miles now that they've added another 1.5 miles of trail. But I thought it was 7 miles two years ago. I don't know who to believe anymore.

Why do I have to do everything X-treme?


the recyclist said...

Good idea to ride to the events. I thought I might do the same, seems silly to pack anything up and drive as close as they are...probably faster to ride anyway.

I'm game for a ride at Seven Oaks on the Monday the 3rd or Tuesday the 4th if you won't be wrenching.

Matt Maxwell said...

I'll be wrenching on the 3rd but the 4th should be okay.

Paul said...

I might be in as well. I will be in touch!