Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Crazy Monday

Well, I broke my rule and didn't post yesterday. It's my rule so I'm free to break it, sure, but it makes me feel kinda' guilty anyway.

Yesterday was crazy at work. Much of my wrenching time at work is assembling new bikes, but with all the check-ins on repairs and out-the-doors on new bikes I barely got anything done. I pulled out a bike to build at 10am as soon as I got in and by 6pm when it was time to leave I hadn't even gotten the packaging off. Today was better I got three bikes and a 6' giraffe unicycle built. I couldn't find anyone willing to test ride the unicycle.

On Monday, in the thick of everything, we also had a photographer from Playboy in the shop. I don't know why, but he was checking out the bike shop as a possible location for a "Girls of the Big 12" photo shoot. The boss turned him down, citing lack of time, which is fine by me. I don't really want my workbench and tools featured in Playboy. It's just not my kind of magazine.

I made a list of things to do before TI today. It's pretty extensive. New tires, install bike computer, new seatbag (the old one tore off the bike on Sunday), attach headlamp to helmet, not to mention more prosaic things like buying food and washing clothes. If I have time I might even straighten my fork. It's been a little out of whack since a crash in an adventure race a few years ago. Nothing major, but the wheel isn't quite centered. I thought it was my wheel being out of dish, but after checking it on the stand I see it's in perfect shape.

My secret weapon for TI? Soy milk. 50% Chocolate, 50% Vanilla. Fill the Camelbak with it and good to go. I tried this on a 130 mile gravel ride last summer and it was great. A lot like Boost, but less expensive.

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Paul said...

This ride is going to be hilarious. One we won't soon forget.

What are we thinking anyway!

See on Thursday night.