Thursday, April 13, 2006

Not much about biking

I realize that many of my readers (all 2 of you) aren't really interested in philosophy or leftist professors. To you I can only say that I'm sorry, but I haven't had much to say about bikes in the past few days. I haven't had time to ride much and I'm trying to take it easy until Transiowa.

Still, as per my goals for this blog, I want to write something every day to improve my skills. One of the huge obstacles to my previous attempt at college was my writing. I just didn't do it. I figure if I make myself write every day then when it comes time to write a paper I won't be intimidated. Since my likely field of study is philosophy writing is essential. So you're likely to hear more about my thoughts.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll post a write-up I did for the Arrowhead race. Hopefully that'll give you something interesting to read.

P.S. It's funny that the spell checker on this blog doesn't contain the word "blog."


Simmons said...

I don't know much about philosophy, but it's interesting to read about something other than bikes. Keep it up. It's thought provoking, which is positive :)

Dave said...

Actually like the leftist philosophy, just spent(d) too much time in and around acadamia not to be tainted. The coffee shop experience sonded more "real." Anxious to hear the luddite version of arrowhead.

Paul said...

Matt, write all you want. We are listening. As you will probably find, there are more people that spend time reading blog's than you think.

Matt Maxwell said...

Yeah, I'm a notorious lurker myself.