Sunday, April 23, 2006

Five days to TI

I caught myself looking at the RAAM site today and wondering about 24 hour road races. Is this dumb or what. I haven't even finished the Transiowa yet, nor do I even have a real road bike (just a cross bike and a track bike). I'd better back off until after next weekend.

As for Transiowa, I'm starting to have dreams about it. Nothing too ominous, but I'd better keep my mind occupied, or I'll start to obsess. I'm worried about...Well, I'm worried about a lot of things, so I won't even mention them here.

Perhaps the weekend was just too long and lonesome for me.


Paul said...

Lonesome? Give me a call. Hang out at my place. You are always welcome.

Paul said...


I will try to stop by the shop tomorrow. If you would like I can come to your place to pick up any bigger items if you want. I can also bring them home for you.