Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where does he live any more?

I leave tomorrow at about noon for the TI race so this will be my last post. I've got everything I think I need packed. The bike is good to go. I even have my custom map case in place. I've gotta say I'm nervous, but what can I do. All that's left is to ride the bike.

I found a book to read for the time being; One Human Minute by Stanislaw Lem. I went searching on wikipedia last night and started from Jorge Luis Borges and followed some links until I got something I liked. The Ames public library only had one book by him so that's the one I got. It seems to be three reviews of books that haven't been written and so far it's pretty good. It fills my quota of philosophical thinking, while remaining a largely speculative and lighthearted work. The one question I have is: why was this book in the non-fiction section? Shouldn't reviews of ficticious books be in the fiction section? Similar works by Borges are shelved as fiction (perhaps because his book's title is Fictiones). Oh well, it's nothing to get too worked up about. Your book suggestions are still welcome by the way. I tend to burn through books pretty fast.

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