Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Back in the saddle again

I went riding with Eric at Seven Oaks today. It was probably still too wet and I hope we didn't mess up the trails. The riding was tough and technical as always and made tougher by the wet clay that forms the trails. We did a fair number of two wheel slides around corners and had more than one good crash. I whacked my knee on the handlebars when my shoe pulled out of the pedal on steep climb and Eric managed to hit his ankle on his stem (no clue how, but he did it). It was good to get out on the Rocket 88 and remember what it's like to ride a dual suspension bike with wide, flat handlebars. Sometimes I forget that there really is a place for a mountain bike. We probably only got 5 or 6 miles in before dark and since neither of us had lights we had to stop. It is amazing what they've done with the course. I remember when it was a 3.5 mile loop and now, just 4 years later it's about 10 miles. There are still sections I haven't seen. I plan to go back sometime soon, perhaps this Sunday and check out the whole thing (more than once I hope).

My body is almost totally recovered from TransIowa. The soreness in my legs is gone and my back and knees which had been aching are just fine again. I remember when a 50 mile road ride would put me down for a week. I'm glad I'm in better shape now. Oh, and if you ever use soymilk in your Camelbak clean it out immediatley. Curdled soymilk doesn't just taste bad, it tastes way-bad. You never know until you try.

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Paul said...

Man, I can't imagine those trails in the mud. Yikes. I would be crashing too.